Meet your farmer.

Deana Lasater Sublett always knew she wanted to be a farmer growing up in North Alabama.   As a young girl she could be found quite often alongside her farmer father whether it was in the cab of a combine, at an equipment sale, or in the farm records office.   After graduating summa cum laude from Auburn University with a B.S. in agronomy and soils, she worked 2 years with USDA -NRCS before deciding to come back to her roots and follow her heart. 

Since 2006, she has operated a corn, cotton, wheat and soybean farm along with her father and two first cousins.   In the back of her mind though she always wanted to grow something just a little bit different.  When the COVID 19 onset presented supply chain logistics of all kinds, she began to brainstorm extra hard.   Upon learning that the U.S. imports 82% of the fresh flowers used, a light went off.   As a staunch supporter of domestically produced goods, she realized she had finally found her “something just a little bit different” and the business plans of The Flowering Ranch began to take shape for the 6th generation farmer.   

The Flowering Ranch is located on a 190 acre farm in north Madison County, Alabama that was once the site of a cattle feed lot.   The farm specializes in growing premium cut flowers for its subscription bouquet service, on farm workshops, you-picks, and also for retail stores, florists and designers.     The onsite gift shop features the farm’s own honey, eggs, homemade floral soaps, and potted peonies ready for setting out into your landscape.   

Beginning in spring of 2022, the farm will begin limited harvests of its one acre of peonies.   In spring of 2024, full harvest of the peonies will begin along with nationwide overnight shipping.   Production will include 13 – 15 varieties in varying shades of pink, white, blush, coral, red, and even the very rare yellow and greens!       Also of note – is one of the most diverse display collections  of peonies in the Southeast.  Over 120 plants represent the three major types in the garden: herbaceous, intersectional, and tree.