Welcome Ya’ll!

I am Deana Lasater Sublett, founder and owner of The Flowering Ranch.   I don’t know how to express my excitement that you are here and reading a blog about the things that a country girl from North Alabama has to say.   

Maybe the first thing I should address is why in the world someone want to start a new business in the middle of a pandemic?   That’s a question I laid awake many nights asking myself.   When the COVID 19 outbreak really began in spring of 2020, I saw just how happy it made people to be able to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.    Many people took up new hobbies like gardening, hiking, biking, and found new appreciation for spending time with their families in settings and activities where they could get fresh air and just get out of the house.   I wanted to provide the area with a safe place to have fun and be able to take home a beautiful reminder of that time to enjoy.  Combining that, my super nerdy love of plants, my passion for local and domestic products (more on that in another blog to come), and the long time thought of adding something different to my farming operation and the concept of The Flowering Ranch was brought to life.

I hope to be able to show you the beauty flowers can bring to your home, business, party, event or loved one with our fresh, local and sustainably grown flowers.   Our plans are to offer you picks, seasonal bouquet subscriptions, bulk buckets, and floral/garden workshops to the public.    For professional florists and designers we want to provide you with quality, in demand blooms and foliages and for photographers there will be photography reservations as well.

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